COVID-19 information

The visit must be safe and secure

Last updated: September 1st

We are looking forward to seeing you in Djurs Sommerland. 

You no longer need to show your COVID certificate upon arrival at Djurs Sommerland or upon dining at the restaurants.


Still remember

Keep your distance to others, show consideration and use hand sanitiser.

Follow signage and staff instructions.

Do not visit Djurs Sommerland if you are ill or have COVID-19 symptoms.


Buy tickets or Season Pass online in advance
- and head straight into the park.

It is also possible to buy tickets when you arrive at the park. 

What does Djurs Sommerland do to minimize the risk of infection?

We follow the recommendations from the authorities as well as the specific guidelines for amusement parks.

There are signs around the park with recommendations from the health authorities as well as other precautions against the spread of infection in Djurs Sommerland.

Hand sanitizer is available and shall be used before and after a ride as well as in Vandland, restaurants, points of sales, shops, and toilets.

To keep social distance there are distance markers in queue systems at the rides and point of sales.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Djurs Sommerland