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- with 10 new rides
for all the family

Feel the thrill of free fall from the water towers and fly along on the roller coaster in a flurry of chicken feathers. How about a swirl in the rotating cowshed which churns milk into a milkshake? Or a jump-around on the crazy frogs? Bondegårdsland is a hectare packed with fun and amusement for children and playful parents.

Welcome to Bondegårdsland



Look forward to 10 brand-new rides - Den Vilde Hønsejagt, Milkshakeren, Rodeotyrene, Det Gamle Vandtårn, Det Nye Vandtårn, Frøerne, Andedammen, Traktorerne, Kornmøllen og Bondegårdskarrusellen. Going to the country has never been more fun.

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