Piratland Phonebg


- For landlubbers, sea dogs
and swashbuckling pirates

The Jolly Roger flies in the morning breeze while the water beats against the bulwark. You're so close to the treasure you can feel the gold coins in your hands. But you'll have to hurry! The skeleton captain won't give it up without a fight.

Welcome to Piratland



Piratland is great fun for all the sea dogs in your family. The skeletons rattle when Denmark's largest and fastest roller coaster, Piraten, whistles from its launch. Skatteøen turns landlubbers into sea dogs, while Piratfisken gives even the smallest pirates butterflies and sea spray in their hair. Look out! Hold on to your pirate hats when Sablen slashes and Det Skøre Kompas spins.

Park map