Guide to buying Season Pass

How to buy Season Pass in Djurs Sommerland webshop

You can use the following payment cards in Djurs Sommerland's webshop:


Renew Season Pass - Have Saved Cards 

Select "Forny Sæsonkort - har gemt kort fra 2019 og 2020", and follow the further instructions.

Are your last Season Pass from before 2019, you must instead choose "Sæsonkort - forny har ikke gemt kort".

When renewing a Season pass from 2019 or 2020, you shall use the physical card for season 2021. Once you complete your payment and receive your order confirmation, and your Season Pass is activated for season 2021.

On your first visit to Djurs Summerland, remember to get a 2021 sticker which is handed out after going through the entrance. The sticker is your proof that the season pass is valid

Renew Season Pass - have not saved card

Choose "Sæsonkort - forny har ikke gemt kort", Choose the number of Season Passes, and follow the instructions further.

New Season passes are being shipped within 8 working days from Djurs Sommerland.

Haven't had Season Cards before
Choose "Har ikke haft Sæsonkort før", choose the number of Season passes, and follow the instructions further.

Once you have completed your order and payment, order confirmation will be sent to your email address along with the temporary barcode for your Season Pass.

Note: The barcode can only be used once

At the first visit, you must go to the Ticket Information and have your temporary Season Pass swapped for your personal Season Pass. We arrange for photos.

Rules for using Season Pass benefits before your first visit to Djurs Sommerland

If you want to visit the other attractions before Djurs Sommerland opens or before your first visit to Djurs Sommerland, you must do the following:

  • Bring your printed order confirmation and temporary Season Pass. If you have not had a Season Pass before.
  • Please bring printed order confirmation on Season Pass renewal as well as Season Pass if you have renewed Season Pass.

The season ticket advantage for Kristiansand Dyrepark can only be used when presenting a valid Season Pass with 2021 sticker.


Do you have questions when buying please feel free to contact us telephone +45 8639 8400 or on e-mail