Safety in
Djurs Sommerland

Safety has top priority

Safety has top priority in Djurs Sommerland to ensure the safest experiences for our guests.

The park and rides are approved by the police and FORCE Technology each year before the start of the season. All running rides are approved by FORCE Technology under current rules in the rides service regulation.

Throughout the season personnel review a safety procedure each morning, after which they check that all rides meet the safety requirements. The staff operating the attractions have all undergone the required training specific to the given attraction before the start of the season.

Each time one of the major rides is going to be started, personnel check that all the people are seated and restrained corresponding to current regulations and provisions.

Also, Djurs Sommerland is always staffed with technical personnel, who know the park's rides; likewise supervising personnel is always present at the major rides.

For safety reasons, some of the activities are height and age-restricted. Physical build etc. can cause inability to comply with safety measures in the attractions. This may result in a rejection at given attractions. For operational reasons, we reserve the right to close or alter opening times for shops, activities, rides and other facilities. 

For safety reasons attractions like, among others, T-Rex Family Coaster, Juvelen, DrageKongen, Skatteøen, Piraten, Jungle Rally, Safaribussen, Søulken, Drageskibet, Thors Hammer, Sablen, Solguden, Mini Buffalo Bumper Cars, Bumper Cars, Wild West Karrusellen, Rio Grande Rafting, Long Cun Adventure, Den Vilde Hønsejagt, Det Gamle Vandtårn, Det Nye Vandtårn, Milkshakeren and The aqua park are closed during thunderstorms/lightning strike. Water bikes and canoes cannot be used. Djurs Sommerland does not refund the admission price under such conditions.

All operated rides in Djurs Sommerland are covered by a safety system, constantly surveying the operation of the ride. If an error-detection occurs in the system, the surveillance system immediately shuts down the ride. This enables a thorough search and detection of the error, before the ride is allowed to ride with passengers again.

In case of an operational stop of a ride, the trained Djurs Sommerland staff will, if required, help all passengers safely out of the ride, before an examination of the ride in regards to the error-detection.

There is a contingency plan and 4 large, central emergency exits.

The Director of Police of the East Jutland Police Force has approved the rides before the season starts. Professional liability insurance is also established in line with previous years.

All questions regarding safety can be directed to CEO Henrik B. Nielsen on or telephone: +45 20 48 68 16.