Dragekongen 2017 v2
Spoticon Sun New in 2019

Denmark's biggest Gyro Swing


Tigeren - Look forward to the tallest and fastest ride in Djurs Sommerland.  


Spoticon Sun Rides

Over 60 rides, Denmark's biggest roller coaster and a huge Aqua Park for playful children of all ages!

Spoticon Clock Opening hours

Season 2018: 27th April - 21th October


The Aqua Park is open June 2 to August 19. 

Welcome to

Scandinavia's biggest summerland!

 Ørnen is closed

We are preparing for the construction of next years new ride Tigeren - The biggest Gyro Swing in Denmark.
As of the 13th of August we are dismantling Ørnen to make place for Tigeren.
Tigeren will be ready for the season 2019.


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