Eat well in the park

Tasty buffets, homemade burgers, freshly made sandwiches or pancakes, good coffee and treats in Djurs Sommerland.  You can get it all.


delicious buffet


Including free soft drink and organic juice

Joe's Burger & Spareribs Buffet

Pirate's Food Market

Pirates’ pantry

Mr. Jacksons Burgerhouse

Delicious, flame-grilled burgers

Uncle's Fresh Sandwiches and Salads

Coachman's Kebab

Freshly made pita bread

Pirate's Snacks Bar

Delicious Pirat snacks

Hotdog Boden

Gourmet Hotdogs

Don Pedros Tortillabar

Mexicans favourites bar

Kenya Cantine

Africa’s best canteen

Pirate's Pancakes

Sweet and savoury pancakes

Rio Grande Pancakes

Delicious dessert pancakes

Ben & Jerry's
Ice Cream and
Coffee Shop

Don Pedros
Coffee Bar

Ben & Jerry's ice cream & special coffee

Pirate's Coffée Shop

Delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Milkshake og Softicefabrikken

Make your own favourite ice cream


Ice cream, sweets and other treats

Barbecue packages

Bring your own barbecue food

Food brought from home

We look forward to seeing you!

Scandinavia's biggest summerland

280 DKK
Tickets and Season Pass

More than 60 rides

For the whole family

Holiday packages

Book holiday packages including admission to Djurs Sommerland.