Nice to know

When you visit Djurs Sommerland

Alcohol and euphoric substances

Beer and wine may only be consumed at the fixed tables and benches. Visitors are not permitted to walk around the park drinking beer or the like. A maximum of three beers per person may be brought into the park.

Stronger alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park. Violation of the above will lead to banishment from the park.

Euphoric substances will lead to banishment from the park.

Djurs Sommerland reserves the right to ask intoxicated persons or persons who threaten or disturb other visitors in any way to leave the park.


Download Djurs Sommerland App, and see waiting times for the most popular rides, when you are in the park.

You can also see height guides, park maps, restaurants, etc.

Download app for iPhone here

Download app for Android here

Average length of visit

The average length of a visit to Djurs Sommerland is 7-8 hours.

Aqua park - Vandland

There are competent lifeguards present in the aqua park.

Children less than 140 cm tall must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times in the aqua park and children’s aqua park. All children under 140 cm and persons, who cannot swim, must wear a swim jacket. Swim jackets are available free of charge in the aqua park and children’s aqua park.

Visitors may only use the aqua park and children’s aqua park wearing a bikini, bathing suit or swimming trunks. Visitors are permitted to wear a clean t-shirt to avoid sunburn. Visitors are also permitted to wear a clean and well-rinsed wetsuit in the aqua park. Visitors are not permitted to bathe in ordinary clothes, including underwear, scarves or caps.

All visitors must shower before entering the water in the aqua park or children’s aqua park.

The aqua park is open from the 4th of June to the 23rd of August 2022.


In Djurs Sommerland we use Bio-Match to ensure that the correct Season Pass holder gains admittance to the park

You can read more about Bio-Match here.


It is possible to buy a combined bus and admission ticket to Djurs Sommerland from all cities in Midttrafik's area.

Read more about Djursbilletten and bus departures here


Get a little surprise when you visit Djurs Sommerland on your birthday.

The surprise can be picked up in the Ticket Information or the Information Desk.

We hope you have a happy birthday, filled with memorable experiences.


For fire safety reasons, visitors are not permitted to bring a barbecue grill.

There are barbecue grills in the covered Barbecue area with seating next to the Information Desk.

The Barbecues are lit from 12.00 until one hour before the parks close.

Guests must keep clean around the table they are sitting at or in the area, they sit.

It is not accepted that guests "reserve" tables at the barbecue area all day. The luggage will be moved to the Information.

Bags, luggage etc.

It is not permitted to leave bags, luggage, picnic baskets etc. unattended in the park, even if it is at tables or under cover. Unattended luggage will be removed.

Charging of electric veichles

Charging stations from Clever can be used when parking in Djurs Sommerland. Payment must be done using the Clever app.

The number of charging stations are limited. Reservation of chargins stations is not possible.

Charging stations are found on parking row 2.

Cancellation Policy

According to §18, act 2, pt 12 in the Danish law of consumer agreements, here is no right of withdrawal on purchases on Djurs Sommerland's Webshop, and the money is therefore not refundable. This applies to all products at Djurs Sommerland's webshop including tickets, Season Passes, gift cards, BBQ packages, etc.

Tickets and Season Passes are only valid in the Season, for which they are purchased. If the ticket or Season Pass is not used during that season, it is not possible to transfer the ticket or Season Pass to the next seasons.

See Terms and conditions.


Rent a storage locker.

  3 hours 6 hours All day
Small kr. 25 kr. 35 kr. 45
Medium kr. 35 kr. 45 kr. 55
Large kr. 45 kr. 55 kr. 65

Credit card

The following credit cards can be used as a payment method at Ticket information and at all kiosks, sales, and restaurants in Djurs Sommerland: Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB, Mastercard.

Only cash is accepted at the small sales trailers like coffee trucks.

Carts and trolleys

Carts and trolleys are available to rent from the cart rental next to the parking area.

Cart hire - DKK 55 per day
- See picture of cart here

Trolley hire for 1 child - DKK 55 per day
- See picture of trolley here

Trolley hire for 2 children - DKK 85 per day
- See picture of trolley here

Remember valid ID to use for a deposit or make a rental agreement on site.

Costume - outfits

All guests are very welcome to come dressed up for Magical Halloween and thereby help us in creating a good atmosphere in the park.

For Magic Halloween, it can be difficult to distinguish between who is employed in Djurs Summerland, and who is not. Therefore, we would like to encourage that disguised guests do not have a behavior, that can be confused with the park's employees, and that these guests do not seem scary to other guests.

If this happens, Djurs Sommerlands reserves the right to reprimand the guest(s).

Disability policy

Disabled guide information as well as a "Show Consideration-card" (limited numbers) can be obtained from the Information Desk.

Read more about Djurs Sommerlands disability policy here.


Dogs must be kept on a leash and be under supervision at all times. Dogs may not be left in the car. during your visit 

Dogs are not allowed in the Aqua Park (Vandland).

Dogs are allowed in the restaurants at some tables (please ask the staff).

Illegal dogs may not enter Djurs Sommerland.

Find more information about illegal dogs here.

There is the possibility of dog care at:

Borgmosegaard Hundecenter

Vallumsøens Hundepension


It is possible to pay by EAN number when purchasing admission tickets.

If you wish to use an EAN number at the park's other shops, you must first contact the Information Desk, which is located in the center of the park and be registered.

There is an administration fee of DKK 50 if the total daily purchase is less than DKK 250.

Find each other again easily

A free wristband with slots for writing name and phone number of parent/guardian is available for all children from the Ticket Information and at the Information Desk.

The Information Desk is the meeting point for missing children.

Force Majeure

Djurs Sommerland is not contractual or liable when an event (force majeure) occurs outside of Djurs Sommerland's control.

This is the case, for example, with war, threat of war, natural disaster, nuclear disaster, rebellion, riots, terrorist activities, threat of terror, adverse weather conditions, fire, import ban, health crises, epidemics and similar outbreaks and diseases, quarantines and isolations pleaded by national authorities.

Food allergens

In Djurs Sommerland there is everything your heart desires – even gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Ask the staff at the restaurant, kiosk or eatery for more information on food allergens.

First aid

First aid is available at the Information Desk. Contact staff if first aid is immediately required.

Food brought from home

Feel free to bring food, which you can eat at the many tables and benches that are set up in the park's numerous green oases.

Height restrictions and restrictions for body build, pregnancy etc.

All restrictions must be followed at all times.

See restrictions for height, body build etc. here.

See restrictions for guests with protheses here.

Receive a correct height-measurement and an armband with your height from the Information Desk to avoid waiting in vain.

Inspection report

See Djurs Sommerlands inspection report here.

Lost & found

Lost property can be handed in to- and picked up from the Information Desk.

We store lost property for min. 3 days. We regular hand over forgotten property to the lost and found at the Police Station in Grenaa.

Leaving the park - Remember stamp

Remember to get a stamp before leaving the park if you plan to return on the same day.

Re-entrance to the park is only allowed by showing a valid admission ticket and stamp.

Libero Baby Care Center

Heat bottles brought from home and get a free nappy if you have run out. 

Libero Baby Care Center is located near to the Information Desk and the Djurs Expressen platform 2 in Westernland.

Baby-changing facilities are located around the park.

Photo and film in the park

As a guest in Djurs Sommerland, you are welcome to film and take pictures. Pay attention to other guests and avoid including them in your pictures and films.

GoPro and similar cameras may only be used in the rides if a chest mount or a hand + wrist strap is used, and only if it does not affect safety measures. Cameras attached to mounts are not allowed on the rides.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to fly drones on the park grounds.

Parasols and Pavilions

It is not allowed to bring parasols nor pavilions into the park.

Parking - Free

The parking area is located directly outside the entrance to the park.

Parking is free.

There is a limited number of disabled parking spaces (disability sign in the windscreen required).

Remember to get a stamp from personnel at the Ticket Information before leaving the park to fetch something from your car.

Reservations regarding safety and operational reasons

For security and operational reasons, we reserve the right, without prior notice and without offering compensation, to close access or ask guests to leave the park and to change the opening hours for the park, attractions, water parks, restaurants, points of sale, shops, shows and other facilities.


For safety reasons, we also reserve the right to limit the number of guests in the park and water park, as well as to reduce the number of passengers at a time on the rides and let a max. number into restaurants, shops, etc. without compensation. This could, for example, be because of restrictions fom the authorities due to COVID-19.


Tickets purchased in advance incl. Season Passes do not guarantee access to Djurs Sommerland on any day. Access to Djurs Sommerland takes place on a first come, first served basis, and we recommend, that you arrive early in the day.


Park signs and rules, and any instructions given by park staff must be followed at all times.

Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Do not lean out, and keep your arms and legs inside when using the rides.

You must not jump the queues. Any visitors, that do not respect the queues, will be asked to leave the park.

Collecting bottles for deposit return is not allowed inside the park.

Disrespectful behavior or threatening behavior towards park employees or other guests will result in banishment from the park without compensation.

Visitors infringing park regulations will be asked to leave the park without compensation.

If visitors who hold a Season Pass are banished from the park, their season pass will be revoked.  

Scooters, bicycles, roller skates and skateboards

For safety reasons, you are not permitted to bring scooters, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards or the like into Djurs Sommerland.

However, you may bring your own movement aid/vehicle if you present a medical certificate or equivalent. In such case, please contact the Ticket Information.


Smoking including e-cigarettes is possible in the 10 designated smoking areas that are situated throughout the entire park.

It's not allowed to smoke water pipes in the park.

Please use the ash trays in the designated smoking areas.

The smoking areas are marked on the park guide - download park map (pdf).

Safety in the park

Safety is the top priority in Djurs Sommerland. 

Read more about safety in the park here.


It is not possible to book a tour of Djurs Sommerland.

Top Attraktioner

Djurs Sommerland is a member of Top Attraktioner, which is a group of the largest and best attractions in Denmark. 

Read more about Top Attraktioner here.


Theft at Djurs Sommerland is always reported to the police and results in immediate banishment from the park.

Upgrade your admission ticket to a two-day ticket or a Season Pass

If you wish to upgrade your 1 day ticket to a 2 day ticket or a Season Pass, you must do it, before you leave the park on the day of your visit.

If you have left the park, you lose the opportunity to upgrade your admission ticket.

Visit the park

The number of visitors in the park depends largely on the weather, but there are a few guidelines that you can plan your visit.

For example, in week 27-32 there are often fewer guests in the park Monday, Friday and Sunday. In weeks 17-25 and 33-36 there are fewest guests on ordinary weekdays.

Remember to always pay attention to our opening/closing days when you plan your visit. See opening hours here


Wheelchairs (limited numbers) can be rented from the cart rental, which is located next to the parking area.

Price: 75 DKK per day

It is possible to reserve a wheelchair by sending mail to - with name, date and time of visit. Reserved wheelchairs must also be picked up from the cart rental.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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