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2019 will be even bigger at Scandinavia’s biggest summerland

Danish and foreign families with children of all ages can look forward to a brand-new ride when they visit Scandinavia’s biggest Summerland in 2019. Following an investment of more than EUR 5 million in a large new themed ride means, visitors can take to the air in Tigeren – Denmark’s biggest Gyro Swing – when the park opens on 4 May 2019.

There are lots of thrills and fun to be had for speed-loving children at Djurs Sommerland when the park opens for its 39th season, because once again an exciting big new attraction dominates the programme. Tigeren will be Denmark’s biggest Gyro Swing, and the tallest and“We expect this year’s new ride will be a huge success, and I’m convinced that most people will have to really take a breath and summon their courage to step aboard Tigeren. Tigeren is a thrill ride, where a rotating gondola at the end of a giant pendulum swings visitors up 45 metres above the ground at 100 km/h. You will feel as though you’re flying, as you rise up off your seat and experience the feeling of floating in mid-air. It will definitely be fun, and we’re delighted to be offering our visitors yet another ride which can only be found at Djurs Sommerland,” says CEO Henrik B. Nielsen.

Tigeren will be part of Djurs Sommerland’s new Wild Asia theme area together with DrageKongen – Europe’s fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster – and the family rides Jungle Rally and Safaribussen. Since 2017, more than EUR 20 million has been invested in the new theme area’s comprehensive thematisation and fun rides. Wild Asia will be the park’s ninth theme area.

A thriving amusement park

Since Djurs Sommerland launched its present investment strategy in 2008, the park has invested more than EUR 65 million in new high-quality rides and improvements.

In the past 10 years, an impressive 30 new rides have opened at the park. This includes Denmark’s biggest roller coasters Piraten, Juvelen, Skatteøen and DrageKongen, which rank among the very best roller coasters in Europe. In addition to these spectacular roller coasters, investments have also been made in rides and amusements for guests of all ages. In 2015, for example, Bondegårdsland opened with 10 fun rides, while yet another children’s coaster and family ride opened in 2018.

“Innovation is crucial in our industry, and the numerous investments in recent years have significantly boosted visitor numbers. Since the 2007 season, the number of visitors has increased from 472,000 to this year’s record-breaking 818,000 visitors. Djurs Sommerland is also becoming better known within the industry, and in 2018 we were among the finalists for the title of ‘Europe’s best family park with less than one million visitors a year’,” says Henrik B. Nielsen.

The future undoubtedly looks bright for Djurs Sommerland and all the visitors to the park, where more new big rides and product improvements are planned.

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Big news 2019, Tigeren - Denmark's biggest Gyro Swing.

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