Disability policy

in Djurs Sommerland

Disabled guests pay an admission fee on equal terms with Djurs Sommerland's other guests and can bring one companion aged 18 years or older for free upon presentation of a danish or foreign, officially issued companion card. Please contact the Ticket Information.

Disability information

Disabled guide information as well as a Show consideration-card (limited numbers) can be obtained from the Information Desk.

The Show consideration-card is issued exclusively to people with a handicap that means they are unable to use the rides' queue systems on an equal basis with the park's other guests. In order to be issued with a Show consideration-card, the handicapped person must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18. The Show consideration-card offers access to the rides for the handicapped person plus max. 3 accompanying adults.

The Show consideration-card makes it possible for the personal of Djurs Sommerland and the guets in the park to see, that they should show consideration. 

How it works:

By presenting the Show consideration-card at the ride, the person is assigned a time based on the current waiting time for the ride in question, where the handicapped person and max. 3 accompanying adults can gain access to the ride via the exit. It is not neccesary, that the handicapped person is present, when you ask for the assigned time for trying the ride. Persons with a Show consideration-card still have to wait along with the park's other guests, but they do not have to remain in the queue during this waiting time. The assigned time should not be used at that precise time point, but can be used at any other point afterwards. It is only possible to be assigned a new time at a ride once the previous time has been used.

It is possible to be assigned a time at the following rides:

  • DrageKongen
  • Juvelen
  • Piraten
  • Skatteøen
  • Jungle Rally
  • Traktorerne
  • Den Vilde Hønsejagt
  • Thors Hammer
  • Solguden
  • Piratfisken
  • Rio Grande Rafting
  • Colorado River (enter via the entrance and keep to the right a little way before the queue system)

A Show consideration-card allows handicapped persons and max. 3 accompanying adults direct access to the following rides via the exit:

  • Safaribussen
  • Det Skøre Kompas
  • Drageskibet
  • Vikingetårnene
  • Søulken
  • Jungle Safari
  • Family bicycles
  • Water bikes and canoes
  • Train - Djurs Expressen
  • Rodeotyrene
  • Sablen
  • Det Gamle Vandtårn
  • Det Nye Vandtårn
  • Kornmøllen
  • Andedammen
  • Milkshakeren
  • Bondegårdskarrusellen
  • Frøerne

The standard entrance must be used at the park's other rides.

Please note that restrictions stated on signs by the rides must be observed.

Guests with a disability that means that the safety system cannot be used as intended may not try the ride. Guests must be able to get on and off the ride by themselves or with their companion's help, and use evacuation routes on equal terms with other guests.

Please note: At Juvelen, DrageKongen, Piraten, Skatteøen and Thors Hammer the disabled guests must be able to get on and off the ride by themselves and use evacuation routes on equal terms with others guests.

One responsible person aged 18 years or older must accompany the disabled person with a Show consideration-card when riding Juvelen, DrageKongen, Piraten, Den Vilde Hønsejagt, Skatteøen, Drageskibet, Rio Grande Rafting, Colorado River and Thors Hammer, if the diabled guest is below 18 years of age. At the other rides the person responsible must be in immediate presence.

Institutions with the need for more than one Show consideration-card can print and fill out the Show consideration-card form in advance.


Practical information

Padssystems are tiled.

There are disabled parking areas (a disabled person badge must be displayed in the windscreen).

There are accessible toilets at several locations in the park.

Wheelchairs can be rented from the cart rental in the parking area (limited numbers).

There are no lifts to the rides.

The personnel in Djurs Sommerland will assist you if you have questions or require help.

Disabled Guests with Season Passes

Disabled guests with Season Passes may be accompanied by a companion aged 18 years or older for free if the disabled person has a Danish or foreign officially issued companion card.