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In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection, Bio-Match is not used in season 2020.

In 2017 Djurs Sommerland introduces a new solution for checking Season Passes.The purpose of the new system is to reduce the misuse of Season Passes and to ensure that Season Pass holders can enter the park more quickly because they do not have to be controlled manually.

The solution is called Bio-Match, which means that the Season Pass holder is linked with his Season Pass with a Bio-Match, which is a value calculated based on a few points on the right index finger.

What is Bio-Match?

Bio-Match is not a complete fingerprint and cannot be used to identify a person elsewhere where similar solutions are used. A value from Djurs Sommerland's Bio-Match solution can also not be used to identify the individual guest in other solutions based on measuring individual points on eg. a finger because other solutions calculate a different value.

Djurs Sommerland stores the Season Pass holders Bio-Match in a separate database, which is deleted at the end of each season. This means that the Season Pass holder must have generated a new Bio-Match in connection with the renewal of the Season Pass

Consent to use of Bio-Match
When a Season Pass is bought or renewed, the Season Pass holder must consent to use the Bio-Match solution. Only a Bio-Match value is generated based on the consent of the Season Pass holder.

Guardians must consent to children's (10-17 years) use of Bio-Match. Children 10 years do not have the opportunity to use Bio-Match.

Other authorized persons who buy or renew Season Passes for children (10-17 years) must ensure and warrant that the holder of the custody has consented to the use of Bio-Match.

If no consent is given, or if the consent to the use of Bio-Match is withdrawn, the Season Pass must be checked in the ticket information at the entrance to Djurs Sommerland.

How you do
Next time you visit, you must do the following if you agree to Bio-Match:

Scan your Season Pass

Then scan your right index finger

Upon match, entrance to the park is given

If you have any questions on the day of your visit, you are welcome to contact Billetinformationen, otherwise, you can contact Djurs Sommerland at or telephone: +45 86 39 84 00.