Season Pass rules

In Djurs Sommerland

Rules for Season Pass
In Djurs Sommerland

The Season Pass is personal
Your name and Season Pass number are printed on the Season Pass. Your picture will be taken and printed on the pass at the time of sale. 

Upon entrance into Djurs Sommerland, your picture will be shown on a screen that is visible to Djurs Sommerland's inspectors, who can identify you as the correct holder of the Season Pass. Season Pass holders may be asked to present identification in certain cases.

The physical season card must be used to access Djurs Sommerland. It is not enough to bring a picture of your Season Pass.

Forgotten Season Pass
There is only free admission to Djurs Sommerland with a presentation of a valid season card.

If you forget your season ticket, and we can find you in our system, you can enter Djurs Sommerland by paying an administration fee of DKK 50.

Replacements Season Pass
Lost, damaged or dropped Season Passes are not replaced for free.

Once you have blocked the previous Season Pass by contacting Djurs Sommerland. You can buy a replacement card for DKK 75.

Inclusion of Season Pass
Djurs Sommerland reserves the right to withdraw a Season Pass without notice if the Season Pass holder violates Djurs Sommerland's rules.

Djurs Sommerland uses Bio-Match to ensure that the correct Season Pass holder gains admittance to the parkRead More.

Unused Season Passes
A season card must be redeemed in the season it is purchased for. If the Season Pass is not used during the season, it is not possible to transfer the Season Pass to next season.

Great offers from Djurs Sommerland
Information that you provide when purchasing Season Pass is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to other companies.

When you buy Season Pass, you can choose to receive a newsletter from Djurs Sommerland with great offers.