Good to know

when visiting Djurs Sommerland



Aqua Park
There are life preservers in the Aqua Park.

The Aqua Park is open June 8 - August 18.

The Aqua Park closes 1-2 hours before the park closes.

An ATM can be found next to the Information Desk.
The following credit/debit cards can be used: Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Eurocard, Mastercard.

Average length of visit
The average length of a visit to Djurs Sommerland is 7-8 hours.

For fire safety reasons, visitors are not permitted to bring their own BBQs.
There are BBQs in the covered BBQ area with seating next to the Information Desk.
The BBQs are lit from 12.00 until one hour before the parks closes.

Carts and trolleys
Carts and trolleys are available to rent from the cart garage near the parking area.

Cart hire: DKK 50 per day.
Trolley hire for 1 child: DKK 50 per day.
Trolley hire for 2 children: DKK 80 per day.

Remember valid ID to use for a deposit or make a rental agreement.

Rent a storage locker with unlimited access from DKK 20.

Credit card
The following credit cards can be used as a payment method at ticket kiosks and at all sales points in Djurs Sommerland: Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB, Mastercard. Only cash is accepted at the small sales trailers.

Disability policy
Disabled guide information as well as a "Show Consideration-card" (limited numbers) can be obtained from the Information Desk.
Read Djurs Sommerland's disability policy here.


Dogs must be kept on a lead and be under supervision at all times and may not be left in the car. Dogs are not allowed in the Aqua Park. Dogs are allowed in the restaurants at some tables (please ask the staff). 

Illegal dogs may not enter Djurs Sommerland.

A dryer, for water lovers who get a little bit too wet, is located near Colorado River and Skatteøen.

Find each other again easily
A free wristband is available for all children from the Ticket Information and at the Information Desk. The Information Desk is the meeting place for missing children.

First aid
First aid is available at the Information Desk.

Food brought from home
Feel free to bring your own food, which you can eat at the many tables and benches that are set up in the park's numerous green oases.


Height and body build restrictions

All restrictions must always be followed.
See restrictions for height and body build here.



Inspection report
See Djurs Sommerland's inspection reports here.

Leaving the park
Remember to get a stamp before leaving the park if you plan to return that day. Re-entrance to the park is only allowed by showing a valid admission ticket and stamp.

Libero Baby Care Center
Heat up bottles brought from home and get a free nappy if you have run out. 

Libero Baby Care Center is located near to the Information Desk and the Djurs Express platform 2 in Westernland.

Baby-changing facilities are located around the park.

As a guest in Djurs Sommerland you are welcome to film and take pictures. Show consideration to other guests and avoid having them in the picture or film.

GoPro and similar cameras are only allowed on the rides if a chest mount is used and it does not prevent the safety system to work properly. Cameras on a grip or a stick are not allowed on the rides.

For safty reasons drone flight is not allowed at the park area.

Lost property
Lost property can be handed in to and picked up from the Information Desk.

The parking area is located directly outside the entrance to the park.
Parking is free.

Remember to get a stamp from personnel at the ticket booths before leaving the park to fetch something from your car.



Read more about rules at Djurs Sommerland. Click here.

Safety in the park
Safety has top priority in Djurs Sommerland.

Read more about safety in the park here.

Scooters, bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards
For safety reasons scooters, bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards etc. may not be brought into the park.

Smoking including e-cigarettes is possible in the 9 designated smoking areas that are situated throughout the entire park. The smoking areas are marked on the park guide - download park guide (pdf).

Top Attraktioner
Djurs Sommerland is a member of Top Attraktioner, which is a group of the 21 largest and best attractions in Denmark. Read more about Top Attraktioner here.

It is not possible to book a tour of Djurs Sommerland.

Upgrade your admission ticket to a two-day ticket or a Season pass
If you wish to upgrade your admission ticket to a two-day ticket or a Season pass, you must do it before you leave the park the day of your visit. If you have left the park, you lose the opportunity to upgrade your admission ticket.

Wheelchairs (limited numbers) can be rented from the cart rental, which is located in the parking area. Price DKK 75 per day. Reserving wheelchairs.