In Piratland you will experience

The black flag sways in the morning breeze while the water beats against the hull of the ship. The treasure is so close that you can almost feel the golden coins in your hands.


One of the best roller coasters in the world
90 km/h
32 metres high
See Piraten


Northern Europe's biggest
Water Coaster


For fierce pirates young and old


Water splashes welcome you to the Amazon River


Defend the treasure!

Det Skøre Kompas

Follow the map to gold and diamonds


Playtime for pirates

Pirate-themed fun for the entire family

The skeletons rattle when Denmark's largest and fastest roller coaster, Piraten, whistles from its launch. 

Skatteøen turns landlubbers into sea dogs, while Piratfisken gives even the youngest pirates butterflies in their stomachs and sea spray in their hair.

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Piratland Djurs Sommerland590x393
Piratland Djurs Sommerland590x590

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