In Westernland you will experience

With your revolvers clanking at your belt, stride down the dusty main street as gold nuggets burn a hole in your pockets.

Rio Grande Rafting

Roaring adventure

Wild West Karrusellen

Round and round and round

Buffalo Bumper Cars

Buffalo race

Mini Buffalo
Bumper Cars

For small cowboys

Pony Ekspressen

Prairie riding

Texas Town

Western playground


Playground and campfire


Gold fever in Westernland

An El Dorado for sheriffs of all ages

Take a wild boat ride with Rio Grande Rafting past roaring waterfalls and real Indian villages or enjoy an old-time swing on Wild West Karrusellen.

Sharp-eyed cowboys shoot targets in the town, while the gold diggers smelt their gold into swanky sheriff's stars. Sheriffs of all ages can duel the crowds all day.

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Food and drinks in Westernland

Read about the delicius food in Westernland and Djurs Sommerland

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