Wild Asia

Take a tour in the eastern jungle, where fun, adventure and a mighty dragon await

In Wild Asia you will experience

Explore the Asian jungle, and make a stop in the old village by the ancient, legendary temples, where the great dragon and a ferocious tiger stand guard.


Denmark's biggest
Gyro Swing
100 km/h
45 metres high


Denmark's largest and fastest
Suspended Coaster
85 km/h
30 metres high

Jungle Rally

For young thrill-seekers


Let's fix this bus!

Long Cun Expedition

Tickling stomachs guaranteed!

Can you feel the mystery and adventures waiting ahead?

Fiery red tracks twist and turn through an Asia-inspired landscape, and a four-metre-high dragon points the way to the fabled dragon temple, where mystery and exitement await in DrageKongen.

Ready for an experience that will stay with you forever? Tigeren is ready to swing you 45 metres up in the air with 100 km/h.

Dont forget to visit the two fun family rides Jungle Rally and Safaribussen.

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Wild Asia

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