The best roller coasters in Denmark

DrageKongen is guaranteed to take your breath away as you dive down from a height of 30 metres at a hair-raising speed of 85 km/h with your legs dangling freely in the air. Another world-class adrenaline-inducing ride awaits when Juvelen launches you twice at up to 85 km/h in Denmark’s longest roller coaster. Thrill-seekers mustn’t miss out on Piraten either. With a height of 32 metres and a top speed of 90 km/h, it has been named one of the best roller coasters in the world.


One of the best roller coasters in the world.
90 km/h
32 metres high
See Piraten


Europe's fastest
Family Suspended Coaster
85 km/h
30 metres high


Denmark's longest roller coaster
85 km/h
1 km long
See Juvelen


Northern Europe's biggest
Water Coaster

Den Vilde Hønsejagt

The fox is loose!

Jungle Rally

For young thrill-seekers


Ride with the Nordic god of thunder

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